Fasten your seatbelts, its going to be a wild ride!Dino Planet

DinoPlanet is an immersive animated adventure ride for children. It was created by FullDomeLab over a period of about ten months in their Chiang Mai (Thaliand) production studio.

On Dino Planet, Professor Schwartz has been raising dinosaurs since they were eggs. Now he would like to show you his pre-historic pets. Join the professor for an exciting and educational journey in his trusty (or should that be rusty) vehicle, Auto. Observe and learn about different types of dinosaurs as the tour winds through majestic tropical forests, an abandoned launch site and a frozen sled track. The professor is keen to share all he has learned about the creatures in his care. He might need to use his knowledge and your help to evade some of the pets and return everyone home safely. You can be one of the heroes that helps the professor to survive.

Technical Parameters

Release: 2015

Genre: visual show

Format: 4096×4096 px

Running Time: 16 min

Languages: English,

Chinese, Russian, Thai

Produced by FullDome Lab

Buckle up friends, with Professor Schwartz at the controls what could possibly go wrong?


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