An ancient legend told with enchanting, modern animation techniquesGopal

This delightful film uses modern animation techniques, where digital artists bring characters to life, to tell the ancient Hindu legend of Gopal the cowherd. The colorful illustration and animation brings the planet of Goloka and its inhabitants to life, entertaining children and enchanting adults as they follow the story and learn of Gopal's run-in with the vengeful Lord Indra.

Technical Parameters

Release: 2013

Genre: animation

Format: 4096×4096 px

Running Time: 26 min

Languages: English,

Chinese, Russian, Thai

Produced by FullDome Lab

The featured artists included Android Jones, Greg “Craola” Simkins, Karen Bystedt, Devin Liston and Gosha Levochkin (working as devNgosha) and LikuidArt creative director, Chris Saunders. Once the animation was done a soundtrack was created which was timed to match the happenings on screen. The completed work was shown, inside the forty foot diameter dome, to audiences transfixed by a new way to experience art.


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